Day 6 – It must be Arizona!

Wow – I am a few days late updating the blog. It’s been a CRAZY couple of days. The travel has worn me out. Somewhere in the middle of Arizona, my top blew and the steam came out. I felt much better after that, let me tell you, packing all of your crap into a truck and hauling across 3000 miles is STRESSFULL!

After all the crazy driving in Houston, Mobile, and every other rush hour we have experienced, driving across western Texas was a DELIGHT! Flat, desolate, some traffic, but not wheel gripping, heart pounding driving. I could actually look to the left or look to the right.

Out of Texas and into Arizona, WOW – what beautiful land. And Dry! Apparently the dessert is very dry. I have discovered the definition of parched. I never thought I’d pine for humidity.

In an effort to avoid Phoenix traffic, we took the I-8 Phoenix Bypass. This bypass took us right through the Saguaro National Park. WOW we WOW WOW! The land of the great cactus. HUGE cacti all around us. I wish we had time to stop and really have a look, but we had to keep moving. Definitly a place for future exploration. Not to mention the Grand Canyon and the Sultan Sea. To get back to the I-10 we had to get off I-8 and catch hwy 85 North. HOLY CRAP Batman! We saw signs for a hotel, our intention was to stop at this hotel – time approximately 5:00pm. Well, we missed the directions to the hotel , and ended upon Hwy 85 north (this is a good thing), it was pitch black, two lane highway, 18 wheelers behind us and 18 wheelers coming at us – just across the diving line (this not such a good thing). This was an insane white knuckle ride. I am not religeous but I was praying to EVERYONE! Just let us get through this unscathed. 30 miles or so later we re-connect with the I-10 and head west.

Our plan was to get the first hotel we saw. By now it was dark and cold and we were exhausted! First hotel room we find is outrageously priced due to some NASCAR event in Phoenix. CRAP! After much debate and a 12 mile trip backwards toward Phoenix, we decide to drive the 112 miles to the California border. It was dark, and we were tired but we made it safe and sound. A town named Ehrenberg, AZ its the the 1 mile marker at the border of Arizona and California. We can see California from here.

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