Knutz for Knitz

HatAnother new hobby… Knitting. I have rediscovered the joy of making something out of ‘string’. While in Florida, I would crochet. I’ve made several afghans, and some scarfs, and a hat. That is curently being warn by the big guy. I am quite flattered considering this hat was the first non flat, non square thing I crocheted – without a pattern I might add.

Purple Scarf - crocheted This is a very long scarf I crocheted while I was in Florida a few years back. I never added fringe, as I like it without. I;ve used this scarf many times since we have been in California. It’s very warm – almost to warm at times, and very thick. I need to make a thinner one.
First attempt at a knitted scarf, as opposed to crocheted. I was playing with stitches just trying to get a feel for the big needles and the yarn. I love the look of the knit. Did you knot in knitting there are only TWO stitches. It’s all just a matter of how you use them, and a few other things like increasing stitches, decreasing stitches, etc. Not as complicated as I first thought. Reading the patterns are an entirely different story. It’s like Chinese. Slowly I am starting to understand. Red Scarf
Grey Sock?
Now living in the sometimes freezing climate of the Northern Pacific, the idea of making warm things has renewed my interest in knitting. So off to the store I went to purchase needles, yarn and other assorted knitting related sundries.So here it is folks, my first attempt at knitting a sock. Yea, a sock. It’s done using 4 double pointed needles. Yes, 4 needles.The portion to the bottom of the screen is the top of the sock. Now all I did here is the same knit stitch over, and over again. Traditionally you mix up the stitch in order to create a ribbing. I am not that brave, nor comfortable yet to do the other stitch required. So for now this pair of socks, will be the knit stitch.At least I think it’s going to be a sock. I have not reached the point where you begin to make a heel. Not sure if I am going to try that or not this go around. If not – we have seom very warm ankle warmers. I plan to crochet areound the top to add my own interpretation of ribbing. I will definitely post the finished project.

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