My New Hobbies

Scrub Jay

I have started to fall in love with bird watching. There are so many to watch around here. I have begun putting bird feed out on the railing of the deck. Here are a few of the birds that are visiting. The Western-Scrub Jay. Here he is sitting on a branch.

JuncoWe also see a lot of Dark-Eyed Juncos – they are all over the place. They will stay put while we are out on the deck, as long as we our quiet and still. I want to build a bird feeder to attract other birds. When we first got here, one of the first birds I saw was a humming bird. He came to the deck and hovered about 3 feet away from me, long enough for me to get a good look at it – and he took off.

We see a few ducks on the river too, but usually early in the morning – and I have not felt the urge to go down there with the camera so early in the morning. More about ducks later…

Unknown Sparrow?

These birds to right I have not identified yet – I believe they are sparrows, just not sure which type. They are not as frequent a diner as the Juncos, but they show up now and then.

Sad BirdThere is one other bird, he breaks my heart every time I see him. He looks sick, and appears to have growths around his face. I caught a few good pictures of him. Here is a close up. I have not seen him for the past few days, The last I saw him was around the front of the house hobbling around on the ground… *sigh*

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