Day 7? somethings wrong with my count…

Happy Thursday! We’re one mile from California. We sleep in today, so burnt from the previous day. We are on the road about 10:00 am. As we cross into California we gain an hour. Yipee! We are stopped for an agricultural inspection, we pass. We’re on our way.

We have a good day on Thursday! We take it kinda easy – as easy as driving around LA can be. OH Vey! We bypass downtown LA, so it was not that bad. But it seemed to go on forever. Fast lane changing, merging (which can be adventurous when the trailers turn signal fails, or the right side view window is dangling. Nothing a little tap and some duct tape can ‘t fix) We stop for refueling and potty breaks maybe twice. We finish our day on the steepest grade yet. 6 miles down the side of a mountain. Did I mention the darkness? It was a wild ride, 18 wheelers and US going 35 miles an hour down this HUGE mountain side. I was ready for some vallium and an undergarment change by the time we reached the bottom.

Also the truck was issued a verbal reprimand from a cop riding to the left of us. Over his PA system he told the truck and trailer to GET IN THE TRUCK LANE, NOW or get a ticket. Yes, Sir! I was thankfull for the 35 MPH, but it dawned on me when we reached the bottom, there were 50 18 wheelers behind us wanting to make up time. *sweat*

But we made it safe and sound. We are sitting in a VERY nice Hampton Inn, in Bakersfield, CA. We are taking it a bit easy today as we are ONLY 5 hours from our destination. 🙂

I am excited, and tired and ready to relax and find our new home. I will write more this evening – or possibly in the morning. Time to go now andget this trip over with.

P.S. – we could not have ordered better weather. Cool, cloudy, perfect for driving weather

More later…

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