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Knutz for Knitz

HatAnother new hobby… Knitting. I have rediscovered the joy of making something out of ‘string’. While in Florida, I would crochet. I’ve made several afghans, and some scarfs, and a hat. That is curently being warn by the big guy. I am quite flattered considering this hat was the first non flat, non square thing I crocheted – without a pattern I might add.

Purple Scarf - crocheted This is a very long scarf I crocheted while I was in Florida a few years back. I never added fringe, as I like it without. I;ve used this scarf many times since we have been in California. It’s very warm – almost to warm at times, and very thick. I need to make a thinner one.
First attempt at a knitted scarf, as opposed to crocheted. I was playing with stitches just trying to get a feel for the big needles and the yarn. I love the look of the knit. Did you knot in knitting there are only TWO stitches. It’s all just a matter of how you use them, and a few other things like increasing stitches, decreasing stitches, etc. Not as complicated as I first thought. Reading the patterns are an entirely different story. It’s like Chinese. Slowly I am starting to understand. Red Scarf
Grey Sock?
Now living in the sometimes freezing climate of the Northern Pacific, the idea of making warm things has renewed my interest in knitting. So off to the store I went to purchase needles, yarn and other assorted knitting related sundries.So here it is folks, my first attempt at knitting a sock. Yea, a sock. It’s done using 4 double pointed needles. Yes, 4 needles.The portion to the bottom of the screen is the top of the sock. Now all I did here is the same knit stitch over, and over again. Traditionally you mix up the stitch in order to create a ribbing. I am not that brave, nor comfortable yet to do the other stitch required. So for now this pair of socks, will be the knit stitch.At least I think it’s going to be a sock. I have not reached the point where you begin to make a heel. Not sure if I am going to try that or not this go around. If not – we have seom very warm ankle warmers. I plan to crochet areound the top to add my own interpretation of ribbing. I will definitely post the finished project.

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The Fish Ladder

Ok – so I thought my other half was crazy when he started talking about the fish ladder. Yeah, a fish ladder, where fish “jump” up the ladder coming home to spawn. We’ve been to visit the Don Clausen fish hatchery on Lake Sonoma at least four or fives time in the less than 60 days we have lived in Sonoma County. The last time we went we actually saw a few fish “jump”. Not able to get pictures – as that would be nearly impossible. I barely saw them with my eyes, never mind trying to catch them through a lens.

Fish LadderHere it is folks – The fish ladder. This is a view looking upstream toward the hatchery. It is this time of year, End of December till March, that the steelhead trout begin heading back upstream to the hatchery to spawn. The ladder and hatchery are open to the public. We plan on hitting one of the tours once the spawning begins in about a week or so. I’d love to catch a photo of the one of these fish jumping – but I do not see how. It happens so fast. Between the ladder and the hatchery itself, it’s about a football field length of river. If you look into the river you can see the fish lining up to go into the hatchery. They are just ‘hanging out’ resting I guess, in some sort of waiting pattern. I guess I’d be tired to if I had to swim up that fish ladder.

The last visit at the fish ladder I saw this crazy bird. He was about 3 feet tall, and he let me get so close to him to take a picture. We thinks it’s a heron, what do you think? Either that or a stork – a tsork – can you imagine? It’s so much fun to be near the wildlife. Heron?
Heron Walking Here’s another picture of him walking toward the damn. He looks like he is in a hurry. Birds are amazing. What amazes me most is that they stay warm out here. Explains why the down comforter is so flippin’ warm. Thank you for the down comforter!
DUCKS! I love ’em!At the outflow of the damn, there are a buncha ducks. They all swim around and perch themselves on the rocks in the water. I like the ducks. The color of the birds are amazing. Nature is amazing! ducks!Ducks
Berries One last picture from the hatchery. There are these bushes around here with this bright red berry. They are so colorful, perhaps it’s the time of year, but I love the green and red. So vibrant. Here is a close up shot of the berries and the leaves. Do you know what it is?


My New Hobbies

Scrub Jay

I have started to fall in love with bird watching. There are so many to watch around here. I have begun putting bird feed out on the railing of the deck. Here are a few of the birds that are visiting. The Western-Scrub Jay. Here he is sitting on a branch.

JuncoWe also see a lot of Dark-Eyed Juncos – they are all over the place. They will stay put while we are out on the deck, as long as we our quiet and still. I want to build a bird feeder to attract other birds. When we first got here, one of the first birds I saw was a humming bird. He came to the deck and hovered about 3 feet away from me, long enough for me to get a good look at it – and he took off.

We see a few ducks on the river too, but usually early in the morning – and I have not felt the urge to go down there with the camera so early in the morning. More about ducks later…

Unknown Sparrow?

These birds to right I have not identified yet – I believe they are sparrows, just not sure which type. They are not as frequent a diner as the Juncos, but they show up now and then.

Sad BirdThere is one other bird, he breaks my heart every time I see him. He looks sick, and appears to have growths around his face. I caught a few good pictures of him. Here is a close up. I have not seen him for the past few days, The last I saw him was around the front of the house hobbling around on the ground… *sigh*

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